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We are a small family business located in Paphos. Professional, friendly and experienced we offer high quality taxi service in Paphos - Cyprus. Our philosophy is based on the safe and comfortable transfer on our clients , a fact that is confirmed by the growing reputation of our company and the loyalty of our customers. Our team is located in Paphos but everyday we have drivers on all the other cities especially Larnaca where is located the other airport of Cyprus. We pay attention to our clients demands and our aim is a pleasant drive to any destination in Cyprus.


WCypriot are known worldwide for the genuine and sincere hospitality and friendliness. The words kalosorisate (welcome!) and kopiaste (come Join us!) are in every Cypriots lips of their mouth whether you are a stranger or whether you are known to them. The welcoming spirit of Cyprus is evident all over and it is one of the main factors that so many visitors to the island of Cyprus will return again and again.


Aphrodite emerged from the gentle waves near Pafos on the island`s western coast and made her home in this region. Pafos itself is a leading cultural centre of the Mediterranean, with Fascinating mosaics to see at the House of Aion and Dionisos, St. Pauls Pillar, the Tomb of the Kings, and more. The whole town is on the UNESCO world heritage list. In the nearby Akamas Peninsula and inland region there are beautiful monasteries, such as Agios Neofitos and Chrysorrogiatissa, picturesque village and nature trails.
Futher north form Paphos town, near the akamas peninsula and the Baths of Aphrodite lies the resort-town of Polis, overlooking the beautiful Chrysochou Bay with its charming fishing refuge of Latsi. The relatively unspoilt state of the countryside and village make the area areal delight for the walker and naturalist. East of Polis you come across such Village as Pomos and Pyrgos that lie beautiful rocky cliffs and rocky beaches.